About Us

Our President

Maxed Out Drug Prevention is a non-for-profit organization created to increase awareness through educational presentations and venues. Our mission is to make a statement to help our children stay clean for life, free from drugs. We expose the community on current issues related to real-life stories that provide insight for our children to stay Clean for Life.

Maxed Out Drug Prevention is a new beginning for increased drug awareness.  The stigma that is attached to drug use must be broken for all to have freedom of speech without shame. Open communication within our communities is our commitment to help fight the drug epidemic our children are exposed to. It is not a secret anymore.

I embrace the goals of Maxed Out organization to allow all to speak about their struggles with pain and loss. With love and understanding, we provide guidance through educational presentations and community events. Maxed Out will make a statement to keep our children clean for life, free from drugs.
Thank You,

from our Founder and President,

Dorothy Johnson