Honors and Acknowledgements

Maxed Out Drug Prevention is honored to receive proclamations and acknowledgments from various communities across New York State. Our mission—spread knowledge, awareness, and efforts to keep people clean from opioids for life—has been seen and bought up by many great figures from councilmen to governors. Below are symbols of our message.

2017 Civic Pride Award

With NY State Senator Thomas D. Croci

On the Dr. Oz Show

I am compelled to walk this path with my heart as a voice for all to hear and hope to never have their child lost to opioid addiction. The heroin epidemic on Long Island is one all must be awakened to. The beast in the beauty of Long Island lives on, my only child is gone. We can’t kill the beast alone, but we can inform the public of its strength and power through increased awareness and education.

—Dorothy Johnson

Recognition from Senator Phil Boyle

Recognition from Suffolk County Legislator William Lindsey